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 A fantasy story, a young woman and a great wizard 

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Hundreds of years ago in the land of Uranallee, a powerful wizard creates a blue orb capable of amplifying directed thought with just a few words. It lies dormant for many years, until a coven of vile witches discovers it and develops a plot to take over the world.

Zarcon is a great wizard who fears the witches have the legendary blue orb that provides them with more power the longer they possess it. One day aft er he hears someone riding toward his castle at a frantic pace, he opens the door to Jasmine, a young woman who has just stolen the orb and somehow escaped from the pack of wolves chasing her. Aft er she enlists help from Zarcon to help her protect the artifact from the witches who will do anything to get it back, they must embark on a perilous journey to seek help from another. Will they succeed in their quest or will the witches catch them and once again obtain the orb?

In this fantasy story, a young woman and a great wizard set out on a journey to protect a powerful artifact from evil witches determined to keep it in their possession so they can rule the world.


Loved reading it over the weekend but it went by so fast. Book was very captivating and suspense filled from it's mystery. Very engaging universe and very well written. It hooked me in quite easily and it's such a livid description. I felt like I was living in it. Very pleasant reading experience.


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